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Beekeeping Hats
Honey Bee Farm, LLC is a small sustainable Connecticut Honey Bee Farm, located at 284 Redding Road, Redding, Connecticut., and owned by Bobbie and Robert Meyzen. Robert and Bobbie are also the owners of the venerable French country restaurant, La Crémaillère Restaurant in Bedford, New York. La Crémaillère Restaurant uses honey for many uses in the kitchen, from sauces, dressings, caramelizing onions and endives, dessert sauces and petits fours.

The Apiary at Honey Bee Farm was created as a labor of love … a love of honey bees and beekeeping and as a way to naturally support the environment, in particular, the pollination of apples.

The apiary at Honey Bee Farm is situated in a 100 year old Apple Orchard, consisting of 7 antique Russet Apple Trees. Russet Apples have a particular type of skin, slightly rough, usually with a greenish-brown to yellowish-brown color. Russet apples often exhibit a scent and flavor reminiscent of nuts and are often very sweet. Russet Apples also go under the name "rusticoat", "russeting" and "leathercoat". The latter name was known in Shakespeare’s time; for instance, in Henry IV, part 2, Davy says to Bardolph, "there's a dish of leathercoats for you".

Beekeeping is peaceful, powerful and beautiful. We believe that part of good beekeeping practices is wearing proper protective clothing. Having a beekeeper’s face and neck properly covered truly creates a more peaceful beekeeping experience for both the beekeeper and the honey bees, and keep both safer from stings and injury.

To celebrate the beauty of beekeeping, Honey Bee Farm has created for the stylish beekeeper, the “Mellifera Millinery Custom Couture Beekeeping Hats and Veils”. Mellifera Millinery means Honey Bee Hat! These delightful hats are made in the traditional pith helmut or garden hat styles. The veils are dark tuile netting. They are made with silk flowers and ribbons to each order’s specification. These hats are not only beautiful, but offer correct protection for the conscientious and careful beekeeper.

Please visit Honey Bee Farm at their website, to see the beauty of this Connecticut Honey Bee Farm and it’s products.

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Help Save The Honey Bees
A portion of the net profits from each Custom Couture Beekeeping Hat and Veil will be donated to the American Beekeeping Federation, which funds honey bee research through their non-profit organization called the Foundation For The Preservation Of Honey Bees.

Through this organization they fund not only honey bee research, but they also educate the public about honey bee.  Through donations, "ABF is able to carry on our programs to serve the U.S. beekeeping and honey industry, as well as work to preserve and protect honey bees to ensure a quality food supply and environment."

The decline of the honey bee population is alarming!  Colony Collapse Disorder is alarming!  The disappearance of honey bees has farmers very concerned about crop pollination.  One-third of all of the food we eat is the result of honey bee pollination.  The need for honey bees is tremendous.

Featured Beekeeping Hats

Straw Garden Beekeeping Hat with Tuile Veil, Red Rose, Blue/Brown/Tan Striped Ribbon Each hat ships with it's own hat box.
Our Price: $50.00
Straw Garden Beekeeping Hat with Tuile Veil, Red Rose, Blue/Brown/Tan Striped Ribbon Each hat ships with it's own hat box.
Straw Garden Beekeeping Hat with Tuile Veil, Silk Flower, Ribbon and Hat Box Ideal for storing your hat and gifting a hat.