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When I first began beekeeping and ordered my first hive to build and my first hat and veil, I knew that I wanted to order a pith helmet hat because it represented to me the romance of beekeeping. I have fallen in love with beekeeping! I love the sweet and tender caretaking of the honey bees. I read about honey bees every night before falling asleep.

I believe that it is part of good and careful beekeeping to wear a Beekeeping Hat and Veil. My experience has been that when I have my proper beekeeping protective clothing on (hat, veil and gloves), I am calmer and more confident in my work with my Honey Bees. I began to make my own Custom Couture Beekeeping Hats and Veils because I thought it would be fun to be a little more stylish when I worked with my honey bees.

Beautiful Couture Beekeeping Hats with Tuile Veils, Silk Flowers and Ribbon
(Hat Box with Carrying Cord Included) Two Hat Styles and Ten Silk Flower and Ribbon Choices.

My hats are light weight, yet stay in place on my head when I inspect the hives.  The ribbons are sewn by hand around the brim of the hats.  The silk flowers are sewn by hand at the back of the hat.  They are also great for general gardening.  Shop Now!